Our Promise

The Chronic Pain Relief Program™ is setting the standard for advanced therapeutic massage and bodywork, and whole-life approaches to chronic pain relief, in Louisville, KY and around the world. Whether you’re injured, managing chronic illnesses, or experiencing muscular tension and pain, our experienced, caring and professional therapeutic bodyworker will work with you to achieve a high-level of wellness and excellent quality of life.


Who We Help

Our clients come to us wanting to decrease pain, reduce anxiety, improve flexibility, decrease muscle soreness, lessen depression, relieve back pain, promote tissue repair, boost immune function, ease withdrawal symptoms, alleviate illness-related fatigue, relieve migraine pain, and other symptoms related to the following conditions:

Adrenal fatigue;
Allergies or sensitivities;
Autoimmune condition;
Cancer or late effects of treatment;
Blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol challenges;
Detoxification or methylation challenges (MTHFR);
Digestive disorder;
Gluten intolerance or celiac disease;
Hormone imbalance;
Leaky gut;
Lyme disease, co-infections or post-treatment syndrome;
Mold related illness;
Over- or underweight;
Thyroid disorder;
Poorly healed injury; and
Structural imbalance.

How We Can Help

Watch our free masterclass to learn a formula for chronic pain relief that works, even after everything else has failed. CLICK HERE to watch now. #PainRelief


Meet Our Therapeutic Bodyworker

Coach. Board Certified, Licensed Bodyworker. Exploring mind-body wellness for people impacted by chronic illness and pain. Passionate about helping people, like you, change their health and life forever. CLICK HERE to read more about Janell. #BioHacking

Janell Kaplan, BCTMB, CES, LMT

Janell Kaplan, BCTMB, CES, LMT

Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.
— William Shakespear